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A series of live discussions between the Exponential research team and guests from the top protocols in DeFi. We talk about what makes them unique, how they are innovating in DeFi, and how users can make risk-informed decisions when investing. Follow us at @ExponentialDeFi on Twitter to listen live. Check out all episodes at and learn more about us at
Episode 28
IPOR: Building the credit hub for DeFi

Our guest today is Darren Camas, CEO and co-founder of IPOR, a fixed rate lending and borrowing protocol bringing interest rate swaps to DeFi.

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Episode 27
f(x): A new DeFi primitive for stablecoins and leverage

Our guest today is Tao Wang from f(x) protocol, a novel DeFi protocol enabling the creation of decentralized stablecoins and non-liquidatable leverage tokens from any yield-bearing asset.

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Episode 26
The Standard: Redefining overcollateralized stablecoins

Our guest today is Joshua Scigala, co-founder of, a DeFi stablecoin protocol backed by physical and digital assets.

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Episode 25
Revert: Unlocking liquidity for Uniswap V3

Our guest today is Mario, founder of Revert Finance, a DeFi protocol that develops analytics and management tools for liquidity providers in AMMs (automated market makers).

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Episode 24
Curvance: Enabling yield in an omnichain world

Our guest today is Mai, co-founder and CTO at Curvance, a new crosschain money market platform for yield-bearing assets.

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Episode 23
Stella: Redefining leveraged yield farming

Our guest today is Apoorv, Project Lead at Stella, a new leveraged strategies protocol from the Alpha Homora team.

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Episode 22
Botanix: Building Ethereum on Bitcoin

Our guest today is Willem Schroé, founder of Botanix, the first fully decentralized Layer 2 EVM network on Bitcoin.

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Episode 21 Innovations in solo staking

Our guest today is Rok Kopp, co-founder of, a non-custodial liquid staking protocol that is launching the first liquid 'restaking' token, eETH.

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Episode 20
ClayStack: Pioneering the next generation of liquid staking

Our guest today is Mohak Agarwal, CEO of ClayStack. ClayStack is a next generation liquid staking protocol that is launching the first DVT-based Ethereum liquid staking asset, csETH.

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Episode 19
SynFutures: Enabling permissionless derivatives trading

Our guest today is Mark Lee, CMO of SynFutures. SynFutures is a decentralized derivatives exchange that employs an Amazon-like business model, giving users the tools to freely trade any assets and list arbitrary futures contracts within seconds.

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Episode 18
Carbon: The next frontier for on-chain liquidity management

Our guest today is Mark Richardson, Project Lead at Bancor. Carbon is a new trading protocol developed by Bancor that enables advanced trading strategies through the use of on-chain limit and range orders.

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Episode 17
DeFi risk management: What's wrong and how can it improve?

Our guests today are Paul Frambot, co-founder and CEO at Morpho, monetsupply from Block Analitica, and Nick Cannon, VP of Growth at Gauntlet.

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Episode 16
Raft: The case for LSD-backed stablecoins

Our guest today is Richard, Head of Product at Raft. Raft is a governance-minimized protocol that allows users to mint a novel stablecoin, R, backed by liquid staked ETH as collateral.

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Episode 15
Angle V2: Building more resilient stablecoins

Our guest today is Pablo, Co-founder of Angle. Angle is an over-collateralized, decentralized and capital-efficient stablecoin protocol. It offers full convertibility between stable assets and collateral at oracle value.

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Episode 14
unshETH: Decentralizing Validators with LSDfi

Our guest today is Wagmi, Project Lead at unshETH. unshETH aims to further validator decentralization by creating a marketplace for staked ETH liquidity in which liquid staking protocols can compete for dominance through incentive mechanisms.

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Episode 13
Pendle: Tokenizing Future Yield

Our guest today is Anton Buenavista, Ecosystem Growth at Pendle. Pendle is a novel protocol that enables the tokenization and trading of future yield via an automated market maker (AMM) design.

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Episode 12
Dolomite: A Next-Gen Protocol for Borrowing, Lending & Trading

Our guests today include Corey Caplan & Adam Knuckey, Co-founders at Dolomite, along with Bobo, Head of BD and Growth. Dolomite is a next-generation money market protocol and decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that enables users to borrow, lend, trade and farm with leverage on various DeFi assets.

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Episode 11
Index Coop: Decentralized Crypto Indices

Our guest today is Crews, Ecosystem Growth Lead at Index Cooperative. Index Coop is a decentralized platform that creates, manages, and trades baskets of crypto assets in the form of index funds. By holding a single ERC-20 token, investors can gain exposure to a specific crypto sector or leveraged strategy, such as DeFi, Metaverse, or Liquid Staking Tokens.

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Episode 10
Sommelier: Active investing fully on-chain

Our guest today is Josh, BD lead at Sommelier, and Sunand from Seven Seas Capital. Sommelier is a protocol that is bringing actively managed strategies to DeFi by making all operations fully on-chain. Investors can deposit into Sommelier vaults and have their capital managed with a specific asset exposure and in predefined protocols.

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Episode 9
RocketPool: Decentralizing Ethereum staking

Our guest today is Maverick, BD lead at Rocket Pool. Rocket Pool is Ethereum's only permissionless and decentralized staking protocol, where anyone can start operating an Ethereum node with as little as 16 ETH (instead of the standard 32). RocketPool unlocks liquidity on the staked capital through rETH, a yield-bearing flavor of ETH. 

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Episode 8
Overnight: Passive stablecoin yield through USD+

Our guest today is Max, co-founder of Overnight protocol. Overnight's flagship product is USD+, a fully collateralized stablecoin that pays its holders daily yield by deploying its collateral into different strategies on-chain. 

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Episode 7
Angle: The Decentralized Euro Stablecoin

Our guest today is Pablo, co-founder of Angle protocol. Angle is building the decentralized infrastructure to bring DeFi to the masses, starting with its agEUR stablecoin. They are fighting for making Euro-DeFi as liquid and accessible as the popular USD-based options.

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Episode 6
Gearbox: Composable on-chain leverage

Our guest today is Jared Hedglin from Gearbox Protocol. Gearbox is building products to allow DeFi investors lever up their favorite pools and farms directly on-chain and boost total returns. They want to provide investors with greater capital efficiency and decentralized leverage capabilities.

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Episode 5
0vix: Innovating in Lending Markets

Our guest today is Jakub Warmuz from 0vix Protocol. 0vix is on a mission to help investors unlock liquidity from their assets on Polygon with greater capital efficiency. They are building a lending market that takes risk mitigation and risk management seriously. 

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Episode 4
Reserve: Using DeFi in the Fight Against Inflation

Our guest today is Thomas Mattimore, who heads the Platform team at Reserve Protocol. Reserve is on a mission to help people fight inflation through DeFi. They are building a protocol and an app that abstracts away the complexities of yield farming in a decentralized and transparent way.

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Episode 3
Origin: Passive yield on stablecoins

Our guest today is Origin Protocol, the creators of the yield-bearing stablecoin OUSD. Origin is simplifying the way users can access to stablecoin yields by simply holding OUSD in their wallet, while the protocol does all the heavy lifting. 

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Episode 2
Morpho: Rethinking liquidity markets

Our guest today is Paul Frambot, who is the founder of Morpho Labs and the Morpho protocol. Paul and Morpho are tackling the problem of capital inefficiency in DeFi by improving lending and borrowing rates by matching both sides peer-to-peer. 

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Episode 1
TrueFi: The rise of uncollateralized lending

Our guest today is Ryan Rodenbaugh, who leads BD at TrueFi. Ryan and TrueFi have been scaling the vertical of uncollateralized lending within DeFi, allowing institutional borrowers to tap available on-chain liquidity. In this conversation we explore, how TrueFi works, what makes them unique, how this model differs from Aave/Compound given the use-case. We also dive into how Exponential is assessing the risks of uncollateralized lending. 

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