Weekly Roundup – 7.20
By Exponential Team
Published Jul 20, 2023

Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where our team of experts selects buzzworthy pools, news, and announcements for you to have on your radar.

Summertime and the tradin’ is easy…(for Weekly Roundup readers, of course).
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New Invest locations just dropped 👀
Big news – Exponential Invest is now available in 40 countries across every continent 🎉. Check if 1-click DeFi investing is live for you:

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This week, we’re featuring the Yearn ETH Market Making pool, which generates yield from fees paid by traders swapping between ETH+ and ETH. ETH+ is a community-governed index token that is fully backed by Lido's wstETH and Rocket Pool's rETH. What makes this pool stand out is the sole exposure to ETH and auto-compounding of CRV rewards, boosting your overall returns.

Invest in Yearn ETH Market Making

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The best of the best. These pools have no major red flags, offer a competitive yield, and are at the top of the class – earning an A or B risk rating.
  • APR ~23%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • APR ~36%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • APR ~18%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • APR ~11%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B

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These pools are coming in hot 🔥. Our new DEX Dash looks at the top 500 cross-chain DEX pools by volume (weekly/monthly/yearly) to analyze if it is trending positively, negatively, or neutral so you can stay ahead of the curve.
Top Trending Pairs (by L7D volume)
  1. ARB-WETH (Unsiwap V3-Arbitrum) 👑
  1. USDC-USDT (Maverick-Ethereum)
  1. ARB-USDC (Uniswap V3-Arbitrum)
  1. WETH-wstETH 0.01% (Uniswap V3-Ethereum)
Top DEXs by Weekly Volume (Weekly Change)
  1. ZipSwap (+395%) 👑
  1. Integral (+129%)
  1. SwapR (+116%)
  1. BabySwap (+75%)
Top Chains by Weekly Volume (Weekly Change)
  1. Optimism (+65%) 👑
  1. Arbitrum (+48%)
  1. Avalanche (+25%)
  1. BNB Chain (+24%)
Source: Dune
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New asset reports
We help you stay up-to-date with new and popular assets (as well as some hidden gems) so you can invest more wisely.
ETH+ -  a community-governed, diversified, yield-bearing staked Ethereum index with overcollateralization protection.
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Save the date – we’re catching up with Raft next week
Join our next episode of Degen Responsibly with Raft. We’ll talk about how Raft enables a new decentralized stablecoin, R, backed by stETH collateral.
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Uniswap releases new DEX aggregator. UniswapX, a new decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregation protocol from Uniswap enables third parties, known as "fillers," to compete in providing the best trade execution prices for users. With unique features like protection against maximal extractable value (MEV), cross-blockchain trade facilitation, and gas-free swaps, UniswapX aims to address the growing fragmentation of liquidity across DeFi. The new platform's design shares similarities with existing projects like CoWSwap, but with the distinctive approach of processing trades individually rather than in batches.
Polygon ecosystem converging under new POL token. Polygon is revamping its MATIC token and introduced the new POL token as part of their 'Polygon 2.0' overhaul. The POL token will not only secure Polygon's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain and accrue staking fees but also earn rewards from multiple chains, positioning it as a "hyperproductive" token. In contrast to MATIC, holders of POL can validate multiple chains and perform multiple roles that generate fees. The larger 'Polygon 2.0' strategy involves evolving from isolated blockchains like Polygon’s proof-of-stake chain into an interconnected ecosystem of blockchains, with POL set to earn fees from all future chains. A 1-to-1 swap of MATIC for POL will be available for users over a four-year window.
zkSync upgrades system to improve decentralization. zkSync Era, the third-largest Layer 2 network, has introduced an upgraded STARK-based proving system named "Boojum." This upgrade significantly reduces the computational requirements of provers by 80%, thereby reducing transaction fees and fostering a more decentralized ecosystem. Compared to the previous SNARK-based system, Boojum can run on more modest hardware, thus broadening access and reducing cost. This enhancement has aided zkSync Era in maintaining a leading position among Layer 2 networks.

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