DeFi investing, simplified

Exponential is the smart, easy way to earn yield with your crypto

Welcome to the new era of DeFi, where investing is simple and accessible for everyone. Find yield opportunities, assess risk, and invest in pools across major chains - all on one safe and secure platform.

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Invest in DeFi with confidence

Investing module
Hassle-free investing
Invest in just a few clicks. Simply pick a pool, place your order, and we take care of the rest.
3x3 grid of various blockchains
Cross-chain investing
Invest across all supported chains without worrying about bridges. Choose the pool you want, and we'll take care of the rest.
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Expert research from DeFi pros
Doing your own research is easy again. We've curated the top DeFi pools with institutional-grade research for each.
Order preview, fee breakdown
Straight-forward fees
Buy and sell without worrying about unpredictable gas fees.
Order history receipts
Simpler tax reporting
We'll send you a streamlined report of your transactions to make tax time less of a headache.

The Exponential experience

Expert risk assessment
We're serious about risk. All featured pools have in-depth research and an Exponential Risk Rating so you know what you're investing in.
Trust built on transparency
We've open-sourced our risk framework so you can check out the variables we consider. We'll keep releasing ratings for all major DeFi pools - not just the ones on our platform
Safe and secure funds
Your Exponential Wallet funds are yours, period. You control your funds and can withdraw at any time. Plus, we have multiple layers of security and built-in controls to keep them safe.
Accessible DeFi investing
Exponential eliminates the most frustrating parts of DeFi investing, like unpredictable gas fees, complicated bridging, and clunky UI. On our platform, you can find a pool and invest in just a few clicks.

Invest is currently available for accredited investors in these U.S. states. We're working on expanding to more states and countries. If you're interested, get in touch with our team.