Weekly Roundup – 6.8
By Exponential Team
Published Jun 08, 2023

Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where our team of experts selects buzzworthy pools, news, and announcements for you to have on your radar.

Weekly Roundup keeps you in the loop(ring) on the latest DeFi protocol reviews, pool ratings, and more. 🧠
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Exponential Invest is here
Great news - we’re opening up our new investing platform to select US-based investors*. Exponential Invest is the new way to access DeFi, without worrying about seed phrases, cross-chain bridges or gas fees.
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The best of the best. These pools have no major red flags, offer a competitive yield, and are at the top of the class – earning an A or B risk rating.
  • APR ~65%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • APR ~48%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: A
  • APR ~23%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • APR ~30%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B

Check out the MVPs.

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New kid on the blockchain. We review thousands of DeFi investments to find the most attractive pools for you.
  • APR ~23%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • APR ~3%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
  • APR ~10%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
  • APR ~15%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B

Get to know the new pools.

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These pools are coming in hot 🔥. Our new DEX Dash looks at the top 500 cross-chain DEX pools by volume (weekly/monthly/yearly) to analyze if it is trending positively, negatively, or neutral so you can stay ahead of the curve.
Top Trending Pairs (by L7D volume)
  1. USDC-WETH 0.05% (Uniswap V3-Arbitrum) 👑
  1. USDT-WBNB 0.05% PancakeSwap V3-BNB Chain)
  1. ARB-WETH 0.05% (Uniswap V3-Arbitrum)
  1. ARB-USDC 0.05% (Uniswap V3-Arbitrum)
Top DEXs by Weekly Volume (Weekly Change)
  1. Nomiswap (+979%) 👑
  1. mStable (+846%)
  1. Rubicon (+302%)
  1. Defiswap (+123%)
Top Chains by Weekly Volume (Weekly Change)
  1. Gnosis (+42%) 👑
  1. Optimism (+15%)
  1. Arbitrum (+15%)
Avalanche (+12%)
Source: Dune
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If you missed our latest chat with Pendle, don’t fret. We recorded it for you.
In the latest Degen Responsibly, we learned how Pendle lets users trade the future yield of their assets and the risks involved. Listen here, and share your thoughts with us at @ExponentialDeFi.
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New protocol reports
Keeping up with Protocols is tough – let us help. Our team finds the most interesting protocols that should be on your radar and breaks down what you need to know.
Lybra - a decentralized stablecoin issuer developing the next generation of Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD)-based stablecoins
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SEC declares war on crypto exchanges. The SEC has charged Coinbase, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, with securities violations. The SEC alleges that Coinbase has been operating as an exchange, broker, and clearinghouse without the necessary approvals. Coinbase has disputed the SEC’s claims and said it has repeatedly tried to register. The news comes amid a broader crackdown by the SEC on crypto exchanges. The regulator also sued Binance, the world’s largest exchange, for offering unregistered securities to U.S. investors. These actions have sparked a backlash from the crypto community, who accuse the regulator of stifling innovation and creating uncertainty in the industry.
Curve’s new stablecoin integrates Lido’s stETH. Curve, the leading stablecoin exchange, has voted to onboard Lido’s liquid staking token, stETH, to its new stablecoin, crvUSD. The proposal passed with unanimous support and a massive quorum of more than 84% of CRV token holders. This means that users will be able to mint crvUSD against their stETH positions. This move adds an additional collateral alternative (currently, crvUSD users can only mint against Frax’s sfrxETH) and increases crvUSD’s debt ceiling by 15x to $150M. The integration will boost the liquidity and utility of both crvUSD and stETH, as well as provide more incentives for users to stake their ETH with Lido.
Optimism deploys long-awaited network upgrade. Optimism, a popular Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has announced the launch of its Bedrock upgrade, which enhances its technology stack for modularity and Ethereum compatibility. With Bedrock, third-party developers can create customizable Layer 2 networks on top of the OP Stack, Optimism’s core technology. Bedrock also minimizes the differences between the Ethereum mainnet and Optimism’s Layer 2, making it easier for developers to port their code. The upgrade comes as competition within Ethereum’s Layer 2 ecosystem heats up, with new zero-knowledge rollups from Matter Labs (zkSync Era) and Polygon (Polygon zkEVM) challenging Optimism and Arbitrum’s dominance.

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