Weekly Roundup – 3.23
By Exponential Team
Published Mar 24, 2023

Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where our team of experts selects buzzworthy pools, news, and announcements for you to have on your radar.

DeFi degens, hear
Weekly Roundup's warning, clear
Read or lose, oh dear!
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The best of the best. These pools have no major red flags, offer a competitive yield, and are at the top of the class – earning an A or B risk rating.
  • APR ~11%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • Yield source: Lender yield comes from the interest-bearing collateral that the borrower borrows against
  • APR ~63%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • Yield source: Swap fees from ETH trading activity on Arbitrum
  • APR ~5%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: A
  • Yield source: Ethereum validator rewards
  • APR ~6%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: B
  • Yield source: Polygon validator rewards

Check out the MVPs here.

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Don’t degen too close to the sun. These pools have major red flags at the chain, protocol, or asset level, with a high likelihood of being exploited or failing.
  • Exponential Risk Rating: F
  • Exponential Risk Rating: F
  • Exponential Risk Rating: F
  • Exponential Risk Rating: F

Step into the danger zone if you must.

These pools are coming in hot 🔥. Our new DEX Dash looks at the top 500 cross-chain DEX pools by volume (weekly/monthly/yearly) to analyze if it is trending positively, negatively, or neutral so you can stay ahead of the curve.
Top Trending Pairs (by L7D volume)
  1. USDC-WETH (Uniswap)
  1. WBTC-WETH (Uniswap)
  1. USDC-WETH (Uniswap)
  1. USDT-WETH (Uniswap)
Top DEXs by Weekly Volume (WoW)
  1. Nomiswap
  1. Bancor
  1. Arbswap
  1. Spartacus Exchange
Top Chains by Weekly Volume (WoW)
  1. Arbitrum
  1. Avalanche
  1. Polygon
  1. Fantom

Check out the DEX Dash.

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Arbitrum airdrop tests chain to its limits. The optimistic rollup is now trading at a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $13B (compared to Optimism’s ~$10.7B FDV).
Uniswap aggressively pursuing multichain push. This move follows the protocol’s recent expansion to BNB Chain and comes ahead of its imminent license expiration.
Luna founder Do Kwon was finally caught. Kwon was arrested in Montenegro and charged with possessing falsified travel documents from Costa Rica and Belgium.
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In our latest Degen Responsibly episode, we chatted with Liquity Protocol about the most decentralized stablecoin in DeFi: LUSD.
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Coming soon – investing on Exponential
A few users were invited to our private alpha to give Invest a test drive. Soon, all accredited investors will be able to invest in DeFi pools across major chains directly on our platform.