Weekly Roundup – 11.25
By Exponential Team
Published Nov 25, 2022
Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where our team of experts selects buzzworthy pools, news, and announcements for you to have on your radar. We know it’s Thanksgiving week, but we wanted to serve up some juicy DeFi info you can chow down on between courses. So, grab your device of choice, hide from your family, and dig into this week’s edition. 🦃
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The best of the best. These pools have no major red flags, offer a competitive yield, and are at the top of the class – earning an A or B risk rating. This week we’re featuring Uniswap, which continues to generate outsized returns (LFG volatility!), and the Yearn CRV pool, following the announcement of Curve’s new stablecoin. 💪
  1. Uniswap ETH-USD Market Making 30bp
    1. ~92% APR
  1. Uniswap ETH-USD Market Making 5bp
    1. ~153% APR
  1. Yearn CRV Staking
    1. ~34% APR
  1. Euler ETH Lending
    1. ~3% APR
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New pools on the block. We review thousands of DeFi investments to find the most attractive pools for you. This week, a hot new bombshell enters the villa – meet Frax’s ETH staking product. 😍
  1. Frax ETH Staking
    1. ~7% APR
  1. Gearbox ETH Lending
    1. ~9% APR
  1. Gearbox BTC Lending
    1. ~3% APR
  1. Reaper Farm USD Lending
    1. ~10% APR
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Don’t degen too close to the sun. These pools have major red flags at either the chain, protocol, or asset level, with a high likelihood of being exploited or failing. 🙅
  1. Reaper Farm USD Lending
    1. Exponential Risk Rating: D
  1. JustLend USD Lending
    1. Exponential Risk Rating: D
  1. DeFiChain USD Market Making
    1. Exponential Risk Rating: F
  1. Reaper Farm ETH Lending
    1. Exponential Risk Rating: D
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New protocol reports
Protocols can be a pain to keep up with – let us help. Our team finds the most interesting protocols and breaks down what you need to know and why they need to be on your radar. This week, we’ve reviewed:
  1. UwU
  1. Pendle
  1. KyberSwap
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