Weekly Roundup 11/2 - We take a closer look at Prisma, new DeFi staking blog, and more
By Exponential Team
Published Nov 02, 2023

Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where our team of experts selects buzzworthy pools, news, and announcements for you to have on your radar.

The crypto winter is thawing and Bitcoin is springing forward. Embrace the upswing as we shed the cold and chart a course through this rejuvenated landscape of digital assets. 🌞
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Our featured pool this week is Beefy ETH-USD Market Making. This pool is well-suited for investors looking to gain long-term exposure to ETH while mitigating volatility, due to its potential for passive income through trading fees, strategic liquidity management, and additional rewards. Risks include multiple smart contract dependencies, ETH price exposure, and potential loss from the pool's rebalancing strategies. Your yield consists of trading fees from the buying and selling of WETH and USDC.e stablecoins on the Arbitrum blockchain.

Invest in Beefy ETH-USD Market Making

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New kid on the blockchain. We review thousands of DeFi investments to find the most attractive pools for you.
  • APR ~4%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: D
  • APR ~14%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: D
  • APR ~10%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
Beefy GNS Fee Sharing (Arbitrum) - ⭐ Follow
  • APR ~15%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
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New protocol reports
Keeping up with Protocols is tough – let us help. Our team finds the most interesting protocols that should be on your radar and breaks down what you need to know.
Prisma - a decentralized borrowing protocol that issues the mkUSD stablecoin, which is fully backed by liquid staking assets
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DeFi 101 series - How DeFi staking works
This week, we're tackling DeFi Staking! Discover how locking up crypto assets to validate transactions can earn you rewards in the blockchain ecosystem. 🛡️
Check out our latest blog!
Save the date - we’re catching up with ether.fi next week Stay tuned for another episode of Degen Responsibly with @ether_fi. We’ll talk about how the platform is enabling the first liquid “restaking” token where token holders retain control of their keys.
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Weekly DeFi alpha 🧠
Major exploits 🚨
Other news 🌎

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