Weekly Roundup 10/12 - What you need to know about SynFutures, new Degen Responsibly & pool ratings on Polygon zkEVM
By Exponential Team
Published Oct 12, 2023

Welcome to Weekly Roundup, where our team of experts selects buzzworthy pools, news, and announcements for you to have on your radar.

It's sweater weather outside, but the crypto market's still hot! Grab your PSL and check out what's brewing at Exponential this week. 🍁
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Our featured pool this week is Angle EUR Fee Sharing. This opportunity acts as a savings account denominated in EUR and works well for investors who want stablecoins pegged to EUR. Risks include agEUR's exposure to real-world assets like Euro fiat and bonds. Your yield consists of protocol fees generated by users using Angle on the Ethereum blockchain.

Invest in Angle EUR Fee Sharing

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New kid on the blockchain. We review thousands of DeFi investments to find the most attractive pools for you.
  • APR ~95%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
  • APR ~59%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
  • APR ~9%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
  • APR ~8%
  • Exponential Risk Rating: C
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New protocol reports
Keeping up with Protocols is tough – let us help. Our team finds the most interesting protocols that should be on your radar and breaks down what you need to know.
SynFutures V2 - an AMM designed to serve as Base's central liquidity hub, combining a liquidity incentive engine and vote-lock governance model
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Explore our Degen Responsibly podcast series
Interested in learning more about the latest developments and innovations in DeFi? Don’t miss our Degen Responsibly podcast. We have hosted insightful discussions with some of the top protocols in the space, including @MorphoLabs, @raft_fi, @AngleProtocol, @pendle_fi, @indexcoop, @Rocket_Pool, and more!
This week, we chatted with @SynFuturesDefi on the decentralized derivatives space, how the protocol enables permissionless trading of nearly any asset, and get a sneak peek into improvements in its V3 design.
You can find all our episodes, along with transcripts, on our featured page: degenresponsibly.com
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Weekly DeFi alpha 🧠
  • Spark Protocol, Maker’s subDAO and a DAI-based fork of Aave V3, launches on Gnosis chain
Major exploits 🚨
Other news 🌎

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