The DeFi revolution is on — crypto holders can finally earn yield safely and easily
By Exponential Team

Exponential is making DeFi investing mainstream is battle-tested and ready to grow your crypto. After a year of rigorous beta testing, Exponential has emerged as a proven and reliable decentralized finance (DeFi) investment platform for investors of all levels — from newbies to degens. For the first time, crypto holders across 90 countries can access DeFi investment opportunities on a compliant platform designed to grow their crypto safely, easily, and gas-free.
Exponential is the first and only investment platform that offers users:
  1. Vetted investment opportunities – our team of experts curates the top 5% of DeFi pools, all backed by comprehensive risk assessment and research.
  1. Institutional-grade fund safety — all funds are held 1:1 and protected by multiple layers of security.
  1. Seamless DeFi investing, no gas fees — one-click trading, streamlined performance tracking, and simplified tax reporting, all with a flat trading fee of .2%

Exponential’s beta by the numbers

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“Exponential transformed my personal finances. I now earn on the crypto assets I already hold with DeFi yield. I simply cash out my yield each month, replacing my 5% savings account with DeFi pools yielding 15%.” - Aida L., beta user
“The expert risk ratings make it simple to choose the best opportunities. It’s so much easier to find high-quality investments that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own.” - Adrien J., beta user
“I can’t go back to using a non-custodial wallet. Exponential made earning yield on DeFi so easy. Trading without the hassle of bridging and smart contract approvals, and the streamlined portfolio reporting across all my DeFi investments has simplified my life tremendously.” - Lyndsey B., beta user

DeFi’s unfulfilled promise

DeFi's vision of unlocking financial freedom for all remains an unfulfilled promise. The technical complexity of DeFi investing keeps high yield previously reserved for banks out of reach for most crypto holders. Even savvy investors get squeezed by high gas and trading fees, leaving them with a fraction of their potential returns.
Financial freedom shouldn’t just be for the 1%. If DeFi is only accessible to a small percentage of crypto holders, it’s no better than TradFi. Exponential is helping DeFi finally deliver on its promise to empower anyone to grow their wealth by marrying DeFi’s transparency with TradFi’s ease — all on one secure platform.

Building the most trusted platform in the trustless world of DeFi

Trustless doesn’t have to mean risky. We’ve tackled DeFi's complexities head-on while putting our users first every step of the way. Here’s how.
We started with risk analysis. Before building our investment platform, we felt it was important to empower DeFi investors with tools to assess the risk of DeFi investments. That’s why we built the first advanced risk assessment system in DeFi, which distills thousands of risk vectors into a simple rating, from lowest risk to high risk. Rate My Wallet, our ground-breaking risk assessment product, has enabled crypto holders to assess the risk of $23B in asset value, to date.
Prioritized institutional-grade fund safety. We have multiple layers of security in place, including state-of-the-art asset storage with multi-computation technology. User funds are always held 1:1 and are never lent out or repurposed. We're a US FinCen-registered company and operate with complete transparency — transactions are traceable on-chain. When it’s time to cash out, users can withdraw their funds at any time.
And made it easy to invest like a pro, without the gas. Our team of experts curates the best high-yield opportunities in DeFi. Only the top 5% of opportunities we evaluate are investable on our platform, but we have assessed over 1,000 investments. Once you invest in an opportunity that you like, Exponential takes care of the hard stuff, like bridging across chains and securing wallet keys. Plus, our platform automatically compounds your yield, making your crypto work even harder for you.

The future of DeFi is safe, easy, and inclusive

The current crypto climate signals not just growth, but a transformative shift towards rationality, efficiency, and heightened risk awareness.
Today’s yield-seeking crypto holders want safety and simplicity, without compromising on high yield. Exponential is ready for them.
Exponential honors the spirit of DeFi, merging transparency and humanity while empowering crypto holders to take control of their financial future. Our platform doesn’t just help investors understand DeFi yield, it helps them master it. We believe DeFi is the future of Finance, and our mission is to make transparent, reliable yield accessible for all.
We are now available in 90 countries, ready to make DeFi investing accessible and secure for everyone globally. Don’t let your crypto sit idle — visit and start earning.