Our company values
By Exponential Team
Published Sep 30, 2022

Customer obsession

We put our customers first day in, day out. We work tirelessly to earn their trust. We consistently surprise and delight them. We always start from the customer and work backwards from them.


We win and we do so with unwavering principles. The way we win is as important as winning.

Own it: athlete’s mindset

See it, be it. We focus on positive outcomes. We are owners. We are gritty and see things through to the end. We do whatever needs to be done to achieve our goals beyond our roles. We push through the toughest challenges and move mountains. We just don’t give up. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and learn.

Now, not later

We are biased towards action. Several decisions and actions are reversible and do not need over analysis. We try things and learn. We don’t ask for permission when it’s a calculated risk. We achieve maximal velocity by relentlessly removing obstacles.

Let builders build

We are empowered to build. We don’t stop at the idea, we build again and again. We don’t get in the way or let process get in the way. We let the best idea win. We let builders build. We let artists create.

Passion with optimism

We shoot for the stars and may land on the moon. Hard becomes easy, complex becomes simple. We are consistently passionate about what we do. We are pumped and bring in infectious positive energy. We are inspiring.


We go 10 layers deep, find non-obvious insights and make data-driven decisions. We go “insight > strategy > action”. We, however, don’t let analysis get in the way of hustling and building. We respectfully challenge decisions when disagreeing. Once a decision is made, we commit fully. We may disagree and commit.

Low ego

We are humble and down to earth. No task is too small no matter our role. We put ideas over hierarchy. We believe ideas come from anywhere and we let the best idea win.

Think big

We have the imagination to dream and the ambition to build. We take bold, decisive bets to achieve trajectory-changing, disruptive outcomes. We don’t settle and relentlessly keep our bar high regardless of what we do. We get more done with less. We work smarter and harder.

Feedback is a gift

We give and receive constructive, immediate and in person feedback (in private) or praise (in public). We care personally and challenge directly at the same time. We are kind and helpful. We embrace opportunities for continuous impromptu feedback and learning.


Together we are building one company with one mission and we will succeed through our trust in one another. We create an inclusive environment and invest in people so that everyone has the opportunity to do their best work. We are committed to listening, cultural understanding and the appreciation of the views of others. We are ourselves and are true to who we are.