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Published Apr 08, 2024

Invest $1,000 and earn a $100 bonus

Level up your investing journey and start earning yield on Exponential – your hub for discovering, investing and assessing DeFi yield opportunities.
To earn your welcome bonus:
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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern your participation in the Promotion ("Promotion") organized by Exponential DeFi ("we," "us," or "our"). By participating in this Promotion, you agree to be bound by these Terms and any additional terms and conditions communicated to you during the Promotion. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not participate in the Promotion. 2. Eligibility The Promotion is open to new Exponential users with an account who:
  1. Are at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  1. Have a valid and verifiable email address
  1. Have an active account on the Exponential DeFi investment platform, having passed ID verification;
  1. Are eligible to invest through Exponential;
  1. Have not been previously suspended or removed from our platform;
  1. Signed up for an account on or after April 8, 2024
  1. Is among the first 100 users to meet all of the eligibility and participation criteria set forth in sections 2 and 4 of these Terms.
We reserve the right to verify the eligibility of participants and to disqualify any participant who does not meet the eligibility criteria. We reserve the right to terminate the Promotion without prior notice. 3. Promotion period
  1. The Promotion is valid for all users that sign up between April 8, 2024 00:00 US Eastern time and June 30, 2024 23:59 Eastern time (“Sign-up Period”)
  1. Complete at least one (1) investment of at least 1000 USDC (“Investment Amount”) before June 30, 2024 00:00 Eastern time (“Investment Period”). 
  1. Hold their investment for at least 60 calendar days before selling (“Holding Period”) 
4. Participation  To participate in the Promotion, you must sign up and create an account at Exponential, while passing all required verifications, during the Sign-up Period. You must complete at least one Investment Transaction (“Transaction”) on our platform before the end of the Investment Period. You must hold the invested amount through the required Holding Period. Completing a Transaction refers to submitting an order to invest in a Pool listed on our Platform and receiving the corresponding order confirmation notification via email. Holding the investment refers to keeping the invested amount through the required Holding Period without executing a Divestment Transaction. Once the Transaction has been completed and the invested amount has been held through the required Holding Period, you will be Qualified to receive a Reward as stipulated in section 5 of these Terms. The Reward will only be credited to the balance of your account on our Platform, and notified by email to the address registered on our Platform once the Reward has been paid.  You must agree to the Exponential Platform Terms of Service (“Exponential Terms”) and meet all of the requirements to have an active account, including passing ID verification. We reserve the right to withhold the Reward payment indefinitely in case we determine that you engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity, or in any way infringed the Promotion Terms and/or the Exponential Terms. By participating in this Promotion, you acknowledge that there is no guarantee on the future value of your Transaction, and you may lose money as your investment is subject to market fluctuations in the price of the underlying assets of the Pool, and other unforeseeable events. The Promotion is limited to the first 100 new users that meet all qualification criteria and invest at least 1,000 USDC. 5. Reward
  1. The Reward is individual and credited once upon completion of all qualification criteria set forth in section 4.
  1. The Reward will be credited to the users’ account balance at the end of the Holding Period and no later than August 30, 2024.
  1. You can invest in multiple pools and all individual orders count towards the Investment Amount.
  1. We reserve the right to substitute the Reward with an alternative reward of equal or greater value if circumstances beyond our control make it necessary to do so.
  1. Reward amount: 100 USDC for investing at least 1,000 USDC
  1. The Reward will normally be paid in USDC tokens credited to the winner’s Exponential account balance on our Platform.  We do not make any guarantees about the marketable value of USDC tokens in the future.
  1. Exponential reserves the right to change the terms, eligibility criteria, and payouts for all promotions at any time, for any reason, including the form and/or asset of the Reward.  h. First-come first-serve basis. Only the first 100 users that invest 1,000 USDC (and all other eligibility criteria) will qualify for the 100 USDC bonus.
6. Intellectual Property All intellectual property rights in the Promotion, including but not limited to trademarks, trade names, designs, logos, and digital collectibles, are owned by us or our licensors. You may not use, reproduce, or distribute any of our intellectual property without our prior written consent. 7. Limitation of Liability To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, arising out of or in connection with your participation in the Promotion or receipt, use, or inability to use the Reward. 8. Changes to the Terms We reserve the right to amend these Terms at any time without prior notice. Your continued participation in the Promotion constitutes your acceptance of the amended Terms. 9. Governing Law These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware, and any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that jurisdiction. 10. Contact Us If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms or the Promotion, please contact us at [email protected]