Bank on simplicity: Direct bank transfers now available on Exponential
By Exponential Team
Published May 01, 2024
At Exponential, we believe in tearing down barriers to DeFi, making it as inclusive and accessible as possible. Today, we're excited to announce a leap forward in this mission: bank transfers are now available on Exponential, allowing you to fund your account directly through your bank account with zero fees.
Starting now, eligible users* in the US can use ACH or Wires to transfer funds directly to their Exponential Wallet through our partner Bridge. This converges the convenience of traditional banking with the innovative world of DeFi. Transfer USD and receive USDC on your Wallet with zero fees.
It's that simple. Now, DeFi investments are only a bank transfer away, making it even easier for you to earn high yields on your savings.
To celebrate the launch:
  • We will refund your wire fees** (up to $100) if you deposit in the next two weeks.
  • We’re also launching new high-yield investment opportunities:
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How do bank transfers work?

It’s simple and straightforward.
  1. Head over to your Exponential Wallet, click on Deposit, and select “Bank transfer.”
  1. Select the bank transfer option: Wire or ACH
  1. After you click on either Wire or ACH, you will be shown our banking partner's details for you to use in your bank transfer instructions:
    1. Wires submitted before 5 PM ET arrive the same day; submissions after this time will be processed the next business day.
    2. ACH transfers typically arrive within 1-3 business days.
  1. Once your transaction has been successful, you will receive an email receipt and you will see your balance updated.
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How long does a bank transfer take?

Expect swift transactions. The typical processing time for bank wires is same-day (if submitted before 5pm ET) or the next business day and for ACH transfers is 1-3 business days, subject to your bank’s schedule.

Can I withdraw USDC to my bank account?

Absolutely. Initially, automated withdrawals are not supported but will be launched soon after. In the meantime, you can contact [email protected] for bank account withdrawals.
*Users that are eligible for bank transfer deposits are those who have successfully completed ID verification, are based in the U.S. and whose address on file are in any of our supported states: California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.
**Terms and conditions: To be eligible for our wire fee refund promotion you must complete at least 1 (one) investment of equal or greater value than the amount deposited from your bank account. This means if you transferred 500 USD from your bank account, you need to invest at least 500 USDC in any available investment opportunity on Users need to complete the requirement before May 16th, 00:00 (US east coast time) to be able to qualify.  Users that meet this requirement will qualify for 1 (one) credit of $25 USDC, applied to their Exponential Wallet balance, per successful bank deposit. Each user can receive a maximum of 4 (four) $25 credits as a maximum.