A smarter, more powerful DeFi portfolio for you
By Oscar Rivera
Published Dec 21, 2023
The most common question we hear from early users is how to analyze their investment performance. They can track whether they made or lost money pretty easily, but don’t have a good understanding of the why behind the performance. As DeFi investors ourselves, we know this feeling well. Tracking historical performance, especially in complicated spreadsheets, can be a full-time job in itself. In reality, no one wants to spend time crunching numbers to try and make sense of them.
That’s why today we are launching a revamped experience to help you understand how much money your investments are yielding and what drives your returns. Your new Investments page gives you a full picture of your DeFi positions, broken out in three ways:

Yield analytics

notion image
Track how much yield you’ve earned on your entire portfolio and individual investments so you can see who your power players are. View your portfolio’s 30-day yield potential and annualized rate

Performance analytics

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You may know you made money, but why? Our performance analytics break out your yield performance and asset performance so you can easily identify what’s driving gains or losses. Your ETH may change in value, but your yield will ensure you’re beating the market.

Exposure analytics

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Quickly analyze the composition of your investments by asset or risk. Do you have too much in stablecoins, or does it match your goals? Are your investments riskier than what you’d want? All of these questions are now easy to answer.
We built this with user feedback in mind. If you have more, please let us know!

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