YFI is the governance token for the Yearn liquidity aggregator.

Risk Rating
What we like
YFI is introducing new tokenomics that will potentially better accrue value and provide more utility for token holders such as annual token buybacks and veTokenomics.
What we like less
Token holders currently have limited utility beyond governance of the Yearn platform.
What it means for you
Allows you to gain exposure to one of the largest yield aggregators with better value accrual mechanisms ahead of its revamped tokenomics.
  • Ethereum
Key Metrics
  • Market Cap: $169.5M
  • Fully Diluted Valluation: $187.3M
  • FDV / MC: 1.1
  • Ranking inside Exponential (excluding stables): #40
  • Circulating Supply: 33,184
  • Total Supply: 36,666
  • Total Supply: 36,666
  • Volume (24H): $20.3M
  • ATH: $90,787.00 (05/12/2021)
  • ATL: $31.65 (07/18/2020)
Risk Assessment
Asset Strength

YFI is a low-cap asset that represents the blockchain`s native currency or monetary fee used to execute transactions on the network. This asset is exposed to the underlying risks of Yearn, a protocol rated as Watch out.

Asset Tokenomics

YFI has a fixed supply.

Asset Volatility

YFI is highly correlated to the overall market.



Things to know about YFI

What is YFI used for?

YFI is the governance token for the Yearn protocol. The primary use for YFI currently is to govern the future direction of the decentralized yield aggregator. Yearn charges a 0.5% management fee and 5% fee on all earnings. The protocol's treasury is designed to hold $500K at any time, with any excess profits distributed to YFI token holders.

YFI tokenomics

The total supply of YFI is capped at 36.666K tokens. YFI was launched with no supply and no pre-mine for the team. Instead, the initial 30K tokens were distributed proportionally to users of the platform and liquidity providers (LPs) via different mechanisms. In an effort to boost its treasury, the protocol minted an additional 6.666 YFI tokens, with a third set aside for existing contributors (contingent on their continued involvement).

How does YFI accrue value?

The ongoing success and adoption of Yearn products is expected to accrue value to token holders through positive price impacts. The introduction of YFI staking is expected to drive additional utility to holders as well as a redistribution of protocol revenues.