Convex Token


CVX is the governance and revenue-sharing token of the Convex protocol.

Risk Rating
What we like
CVX builds upon Curve's vote escrow tokenomics to incentivize users to lock up their tokens to earn platform fees and voting power.
What we like less
CVX lockers are subject to 16 weeks lock-up periods in exchange for earning platform fees and voting benefits. Unlocking events can be highly volatile as protocols and users may choose to sell instead of relocking.
What it means for you
CVX holds majority voting power over Curve gauge weights and governance decisions, with every CVX locked providing you the same governance power as ~5.5 CRV tokens.
  • Ethereum
Key Metrics
  • Market Cap: $328.1M
  • Fully Diluted Valluation: $422.5M
  • FDV / MC: 1.3
  • Ranking inside Exponential (excluding stables): #29
  • Circulating Supply: 77,668,074
  • Total Supply: 98,272,875
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Volume (24H): $2M
  • ATH: $60.09 (01/01/2022)
  • ATL: $1.90 (07/20/2021)
Risk Assessment
Asset Strength

CVX is a low-cap asset that represents the protocol's native governance or utility token. This asset is exposed to the underlying risks of Convex, a protocol rated as Moderately Risky. CVX is used as the governance token of the Convex protocol, and is highly sought-after since CVX holders can vote on which Curve pools receive incentives. The asset has a fixed supply.

Asset Volatility

CVX is highly correlated to the overall market.



Things to know about CVX

What is CVX used for?

The CVX token is used to govern the Convex protocol as well as provides holders the ability to submit potential changes to the allocation of pool rewards on the Curve platform. The amount of voting power a user has is determined by how many CVX tokens are locked (16 week periods). CVX lockers (vlCVX) currently receive the same governance voting power as 5.49 CRV tokens.

CVX tokenomics

The total supply of CVX is capped at 100M tokens. CVX is minted pro-rata for each CRV token claimed by Curve liquidity providers (LPs) on Convex, with the ratio of CVX to CRV emitted reduced for every 100K CVX minted. The token distribution includes 50% reserved for Curve LP rewards, 25% for liquidity mining (distributed over 4 years), 9.7% to the treasury (vested over 1 year), 2% to veCRV holders (instantly claimable airdrop), 3.3% for investors (vested over 1 year), and 10% to team (vested over 1 year).

How does CVX accrue value?

CVX has value accrual mechanisms through its platform fees and bribe mechanism. Convex operates on top of the Curve platform as it is strategically designed to be a liquidity blackhole to rapidly accumulate CRV tokens (now the single largest CRV holder) and always locks CRV for the max duration of 4 years. This means holders of locked Convex (vlCVX) have the power to promote certain pools on the Curve platform through its majority ownership of CRV tokens. vlCVX voters determine the different allocations of CRV tokens to each pool, which boosts rewards for Curve liquidity providers (LPs). CVX is also entitled to fees generated by Curve LPs deposited through Convex. In addition, several protocols are now bribing vlCVX holders as a cheaper alternative to buy governance votes for Curve. Convex works closely with the Votium bribe marketplace to incentivize users to vote for certain Curve pools based on the amount of bribes (paid in protocol tokens) allocated to each pool.

CVX Pools